Student Life

Here at St. Thomas Aquinas University we have a Student Council which consists of a President, Secretary and Treasurer together with the representatives from each of the classes, i.e., Pre-Theology through Fourth Theology. Also on the Student Council are the student representatives from each of the following standing committees: Academic, Community Life and Growth, Ethnic Affairs, Field Education, Library, Peace and Justice, Spiritual Life and Liturgy.
The overall purpose of the Student Council is to be a governing body that listens to and addresses issues pertinent to the seminarians. It receives and formulates proposals from the seminarians into action-items which are then addressed either by the standing committees or the Faculty Council.
The Student Council can also appoint non-voting members and/or subcommittees to help and advise it as necessary. It also collects and disburses funds from the student activity fee account. The Student Council meetings are typically held once a month and open to any seminarian who wishes to attend, however they do not vote on motions.
Certain members of Student Council also serve on the Executive Committee. Those members include the President, Secretary, Treasurer and the Class Representatives. The purpose of the Executive Committee is to interface directly with the President/Rector on issues that would not normally be brought up in Student Council meetings. The Executive Committee meetings are conducted in closed session and are not open to other seminarians to attend.
Student Council elections are held in September of the Fall Semester. All of the offices are open for election. Student candidates may either nominate themselves or be nominated by someone else. Re-election is allowed. The whole student body is eligible to vote in the elections. Faculty and staff members do not nominate or vote on student candidates. Those who are elected serve in their positions for one year until the next election. Special elections can be held or appointments made if a position becomes vacant during the year.