Academic Programs

The academic curriculum of St. Thomas Aquinas University teaches Roman Catholic theology and Orthodox Theology from an integrated perspective. The primary goal of the curriculum is to help students bring together all aspects of their formation with a view to readiness for pastoral ministry in the Church. Thus, all of the theological courses incorporate the following themes:


1.The Church as the people of God;

2.The Church as a community of Word and Sacrament, with special emphasis on the Eucharist;

3.The role of the priest as minister of Word and Sacrament;

4.The prophetic call to social justice and its implications for contemporary living;

5.Ecumenism and the promotion of understanding of and respect for other faiths;

6.The importance of family life and the dignity of the human person as a basis for society;

7.The implications of living in a multicultural Church and world.


These seven themes, which apply in all dimensions of the curriculum, are interwoven throughout the students' theological studies in order to provide a vision of the future and to help form priests with a truly "catholic" vision of the world.