Born, Johhans Luifenhol, on 18 August 1918, in Vienna, he was the descendant of Prussian Jewish immigrants, went to United States, (the family name was Ludendorff until 1924).. Aged 14, he became Roman Catholicism. He was educated at Auburn Elementary in Auburn, Kansas and at Herington High School in Herington, Kansas and later He completed his Philosophical and Theological Studies at St. John's University in Minnesota. Our Bishop of blessed memory + Johhans Luifenhol, became a Orthodox Priest, being ordained a priest in 1947 by Patriarch Alexy l (Alexius l) of  Moscow, in the Russian Orthodox Cathedral of Moscow  , on May 10, 1965 was consagreted Bishop, adopts the religious name of Markuz Muresan. Open the small Russian Byzantine Catholic Orthodox Church Canonical Sui Iuris. Metropolitan Church Sui Iuris. After his death the small Church Sui Iuris disbanded and went to the Orthodox Church of Nations Church of Unity, Patriarch Nicolas l of Paris France led by the respected patriarch Nicolas l. He Founded the St. Thomas Aquinas University, Educational institution Ecumenical in 1980, keeping Campus of philosophical studies,theological, and Medical Education in South America and Europe, accredited in various research organizations, and Medical Education in Europe, USA and Israel. His was  Member of  Authocephalous Orthodox Church of Europe, now the Church  is the Autocephalous Church of France, by administration of  Patriarch Nicolas l. +Mar Muresan died peacefully in his sleep on the afternoon of Monday 19, 2016.