Bishop Nicolas was ordained priest on April 9, 1985 by Monsignor Vigile (Orthodox Church of the French Succession Greek Church of the old calendar) to the monastery of Saint Michel du Var.
On 1 September 2000 he was consecrated bishop by Patriarch Boris I and by Monsignor Jean-Michel and Monsignor Paul bishops of the same Patriarchate.
In March 2003 he was accepted by the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Exile in the United States represented in France by Metropolitan Kallistos (Greek Church Succession old calendar and UAOC). 
The Succession of the UAOC was recognized by Patriarch Nicholas VI of Alexandria (see letter from the Patriarch attesting this.) 
He is appointed Archbishop of Paris and Co-Adjutor of the Metropolitan.
In 2005 he was accepted into the synod of Metropolitan Moise, who returned to Ukraine and became Patriarch Moses. 
Monsignor Nicolas is one of the bishops present at his induction into St. Sophia in Kiev.
With all the Western bishops he left in 2007 the synod of Patriarch Moise because of several different on the conduct of the Church and joined the AOCC in the United States. He obtained autonomy and from that time several bishops joined him in addition to those who left with him from the Patriarchate of the UAOC.C 
In 2010 the synod decree its independence. 
In 2011, the synod gathering 27 bishops or representing missions without bishops decides that the Church becomes autocephalous. 
He was elected Patriarch by unanimity of the voters and inducted on October 9, 2011 during the Divine Liturgy of the Pontifical Council celebrated by all the bishops, under the name of Nicolas 1st.