Canonical Communion










His Holiness Pope Franciscus Patriarchate of Rome: Spiritual Head: Pope (Bishop of Rome, Vicar of Jesus Christ, the Prince of the Successor of the Apostles, Pontiff of the Universal Church Juice, Patriarch of the West, Primate of Italy, Archbishop and Metropolitan of the Roman Province, Head of State Vatican city, Servant of the Servants of God).


We are in full Communion with the Orthodox Church in Europe Extracts of the Decree
Metropolitan Sergius of Moscow
(16 June 1936)
"The Eleuthère His Eminence, Metropolitan of Vilnius and Lithuania, Exarch of the Russian Church in Western Europe,
"Having read the report of the Brotherhood Saint Photios (Paris) 9/22 of April 1936
[Following claims history of Bishop Winnaar and recitals]
"We have Decided:
"To Recognize The Possibility of receiving Winnaar Bishop and the community in the unity of the Holy Orthodox Church The Following conditions:
"3. The community will faithfully follow the teaching of the Orthodox Church
"4. In its offices, and in general throughout the external character of worship, the community may keep the western rite she practices; However, the texts shouldnt be redacted to progressively phrases and thoughts que would be unacceptable for Orthodoxy.
"5. The community will adopt in its schedule all the saints canonized by the Eastern Church, and keep Especially Those of Western saints who Were canonized in Rome before the separation of the Orthodox Church.
"9. The parishes united to the Orthodox Church, using the Western rite, will be designated the ORTHODOX CHURCH WESTERN