university campus:
We belong to the Benedictine Secular Order of Missionaries of Charity,  we have a ecumenical intercommunion and Educational agreement with World Catholic Medical Mission  . Our Ecumenical Rector holds its full autonomy of AOCC (American Orthodox Catholic Church) which currently has 90 bishops in the 5 continents, more One Million of members,  and whose Primate SB + is Roger. New York. For decision of the Holy Synod of November and December 2009, and of the Holy Synod of October 9, 2011 Church became Autocephalous. 
During the Synod of 12/13 and 14 October 2012 unanimously the Church takes Name: Orthodox Church in Europe. Our ​​Church is in Inter-communion with many Orthodox and Catholic Church. independent Missionaries administered by His Holiness Patriarch Archbishop Nicolas l, Metropolitan of Europe, Archbishop of Paris. The Metropolitan includes bishops on five continents, now number 90. 
Tel: 05 53 52 55 10 Saint Mary Convent  24450 La Coquille
in the Dordogne France.
chapelle cathedrale à Paris
Chapelle Cathédrale Notre Dame de Tendresse
2 rue Clouet
75015 Paris
Tel 0143061934

La chapelle est ouverte:

Du mardi et mercredi :de 9h à16 H.
jeudi: de 9h à 19h.
vendredi de 9hà12h.

Tous les jeudis soir à 18h
Office avec imposition des mains et onction de l'huile Sainte.
1er jeudi Paraclisis de Saint Michel
2eme jeudi Acathiste à la Mère de Dieu
3eme jeudi Acathiste à l'Esprit Saint
4em jeudi Office des défunts.

Tous les dimanches du mois à
10 heures
Divine Liturgie de Saint Jean Chrysostome
les 1er et 2eme dimanche du mois

Divine Liturgie de Saint Germain de Paris
3eme et 4eme dimanche du mois 

Monseigneur Nicolas reçoit sur rendez-vous les mercredis et jeudis. ( 0143061934.) 
Monseigneur Nicolas reçoit sur rendez-vous les mercred,
Holy Sepulchcre - Jerusalem - Israel
Since the Council of Chalcedon in 451 AD there has been a succession of Orthodox patriarchs of the Chalcedonian faith.
Metropolitan Mathieu Yaoundé (Cameroon) Patriarchal Vicar for Africa 
Metropolitan Daniel (Slavic Diaspora) 
Metropolitan Emeritus Christopher (USA) 
Metropolitan Basil of Manila (Philippines) 
Metropolite Geovannes Crisostomo Imperatriz (Brazil) 
Metropolitan Sergui of Moscow and St. Petersburg (Russia) 
Metropolitan Jose Antonio de Bogota (Colombia) 
Metropolitan Sava (Venezuela) (Slavic diaspora) 
Metropolitan Petr Zalesci (Russia) (Slavic diaspora) 
Metropolitan Sergi Chisinau Moldova (Slavic diaspora) 
Metropolitan Abel Chicago and Detroit (Russian missions and Ukrainian) (USA) 
Metropolitan Teodoro of Italy 
Metropolitan Pietro of Tuscany and Emilia-Romagna (Italy) 
MetropolitanAntim Bucharest (Romania Primate of Romania 
Metropolitan Dimetrios (Romania) 
Metropolitan Mihail Tbilisi Georgia of Abkhazia and Ossetia (Slave Diaspora in Europe) 
Metropolitan Anthony of Melbourne (Australia) for the Australia and New Zealand
Archbishop Ireneo Italy vicar for Ukrainian missions and Eastern) Makario Archbishop of Buenos Aires (Argentina) Exarch for Paraguay and Uruguay. Archbishop Mihail Cluj-Napoca (Romania Diaspora Slave) Archbishop Melchisedeck (Ukraine Diaspora Slave) Gregory Archbishop (Brazil Diaspora Slave) Filip Archbishop of Matipo and Sao Paulo (Brazil)
Bishop Manuel d'Elvira (Spain) 
Bishop Joseph of Medellin (Colombia) 
Bishop Paolo de Lucca (Italy) 
Bishop Athanase of Brazzaville (Rep.Congo) 
Rogelio Bishop (Philippines) 
Francis Bishop of Paris (France) 
Bishop Christopher Medina (Vicar for the Philippines) 
Bishop Ramiro vicaire of Bogota (Colombia) 
Estevao Bishop of Boa Vista (Brazil) 
Natanael Bishop of Vienna (Austria) 
Bishop David (Exarchate Sts Brighid and Columcille) (USA) 
Evêuqe Magloire Yaoundé (Cameroon) 
Alexander Bishop of Zadar (Croatia) 
Lucios-Konztantinos Bishop of Cuernavaca (Mexico) 
auxiliary Marlon Bishop for the Philippines 
Melchisedeck Bishop of Kiev (Ukraine) 
Francisco Bishop of Fortaleza ( Brazil) 
Bishop Serafim Vicar of Met Dimetrios 
Bishop Adalberto de Pernabucco (Brazil) 
Bishop Firmino de Manaus (Brazil) <ai = 20> Spiridon Bishop Tbilisi vicar of Metropolitan Mikhail (Georgia) Belmondo Bishop of Douala Cameroon) Spridon Bishop of Bucharest (Romania vicar Metropolite Antim Bishop Varsonofy (Siberia (Russia) Evêque Rafael (south Diaspora Slave Osetian) Bishop Gabriel ( Osetian North diaspora Slave) Lawrence Bishop (Abkasia) Jeremiah Bishop of Meaux (France) Evêque Josué of Havana (Cuba) and for the Cuban diaspora Bishop Melchizedek Podgoridza for Veneto and Montenegro (Slavic diaspora) Alexandros Bishop of Santiago (Chile) Bishop Jean Baptiste de Saintes and Thouars (France) Elected Bishop Paolo d'Asti (Italy) Severio Bishop of Regio Calabria (Italy) DiasporaSlave) Evêque Josué of Havana (Cuba), Bishop Jesus Yum (Equatorial Guinea) Bishop Jean-Noel Bangui (Central African Republic) Melchisedeck Bishop of Lincoln (Nebraska) USA Alexander Bishop of Araraguara (Brazil) Fernando Bishop of Guayaquil (Ecuador) Bishop Angelo of Pullia (Italy- Diaspora Slave) Athanasius Bishop of Libreville (Gabon) Bishop Mauricio Eveque of San José (Costa Rica) Patrick Bishop of Limoges and Pays de Loire (France) Bishop elected auxiliary Melchisedeck for Venezuela Bishop Seraphim elected Boise ( Idaho USA) Elected Bishop Jean Elias of Strasbourg (France) Elected Bishop Gabriel of San Juan (Puerto Rico) Bishop Paulo of San Salvador (El Salvador)A Bishop Alexander of Araraguara (Brazil) Fernando Bishop of Guayaquil (Ecuador) Angelo Bishop of Pullia (Italy- Diaspora Slave) Athanasius Bishop of Libreville (Gabon) Bishop Mauricio Eveque of San José (Costa Rica) Patrick Bishop of Limoges and Country Loire (France) Bishop elected auxiliary Melchisedeck for Venezuela elected Bishop Seraphim of Boise (Idaho USA) elected Bishop Jean Elias Strasbourg (France) Bishop elected Gabriel San Juan (Puerto Rico) Paulo Bishop of San Salvador (El Salvador)
Vicar Patriarchal Bishop Jean-François in charge of Western Orthodoxy and the liturgy of Saint Germain de Paris.
Vicar for Jerusalem: Father Zigmund Ziegler Cohen
Mount Zion in the Last Supper Room. Phone: +972 - 0547522093.
Exarque Patriarcal for Scandinavia: Mgr Louis (Sweden) 
Patriarchal Exarch for Benin: Father D.Armand Luc Bodea. 
Exarque Patriarcal for Madagascar: Father Michel 
Exarque Patriarcal for Uganda: Father Charalambos
Secretary of the Holy Synod: Bishop Jeremy
Fr.William Henderson for Papua New Guinea Address: P.O.Box 926 Boroko Papua New Guinea Phone:(675)3212201 Missionary and Diplomat
 Fr.Jean Rosset for Haiti Address: Rue, B de Larnage,Delmas 31 Port Au-Prince Haiti W.I. Phone:509.3719.7659 
Fr.Paul Zelenge for Republic of Rwanda. Adress:B.P.1177 Kigali, Rwanda Central Africa. Phone:250-252-574575. 
Fr.Joseph Lawrence Osborn for Burkina Faso Africa. Address: 12 B.P. 186 Abidjan Ivory Coast West Africa. Phone: Missionary of remote place in Africa. 

Fr.William Loubser for Republic of South Africa. Address: 76 St George’s Street 2198 Bellevue East Johannesburg.  Phone: 27-11-648-6315 
 Missionary and Diplomat – MC
Fr. Leopold Herschel for  West Africa. Address: 12 B.P. 186 Abidjan 12 Ivory Coast -West Africa. Phone: 225-213-61680. MC. 
Missionary and Diplomat.
Fr. Nicholas Abeysakara- for Sri Lanka. Address: N0,66. Lauries Rd. Bambalapitiya. Colombo 04 Sri Lanka. Missionary and Diplomat. 
Fr.Ashenafi Abdikarim to Ethiopia. Address: P.O.Box: 6592 – Addis Ababa Ethiopia. Phone: 251-11-4653593. 
Fr. Gunnar Adolph Nordlund Ambassador General in South Sudan.Juba Sudan.Missionary and Diplomat. 
Fr Mathew Hubermann for Democratic Republic of Timor Leste Missionary in Lautem District Address:POB 337 27 High Holborn St Surry Hills NSW 2010 Sydney Australia Phone:61293182881
Fr Jakob Volpner for United Mexican States Address:Calle Galeana 225 Colonia Santa Fe Mexico DF CP01210 Phone: 525555705425 Missionary of Charity
Fr.Ivan Pietrovich for Uzbekistan Address:UI Nusamuhamedova 29 700077 Tashkent Uzbekistan Phone:(99)871267443  Missionary of Charity
Fr.Leonard Hendleman for South Korea Address: Pyeonghwa Gil 8 Danwon gu Ansan City Kyong Ki Do South Korea 425806 Phone: (82)314020892 Missionary of Charity
Fr.Karl Skolimowisk for Poland Address:Dom Sw.Jozefa UI Poborzanska 33 Warsaw Poland Phone:(48)226145074
Father Wai Yan Sam for Republic of The Union of Myanmar Address:Kyaingtong E.S.S. 06231 Myanmar Missionary of Charity
Father Anh Dung Chiem Address:428 Huynh Van Banh Phu Nhuan District Ho Chi Minh City Socialist Republic of Vietnam Phone:(08)37110818
Fr.Emmanuel Muller for Costa Rica Address: Apdo 942200 Coronado,San Jose Costa Rica Central America Phone: (506)2294269